24May, 2020

Purple Is The New Red… Teaming

Had a great time catching up with Robert Rounsavall from Trapezoid on his podcast SYN-ACK FIN-ACK. We covered quiet a bit, here are some highlights: How I got into IT 3 years at Terremark Shifting to Information Security Working in Terremark’s SOC and the July 4, 2009 DDOS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_2009_cyberattacks), Cloud Security pilot for USG/GSA, Meeting […]

22May, 2020

A Day in the Life of a Penetration Tester

Some of you may be wondering, at the primary level, what role a penetration tester—aka, a “pentester”—plays in the grand scheme of information security; what do these folks do on a day-to-day basis that makes the job so important and so cool? Others may have already done some research on the role, understanding what’s involved, […]

21May, 2020

Simply Cyber Interview

I met Gerald Auger at GRIMMCon as we were both volunteering to run the free, virtual conference. We spent some time chatting about various things and he invited me on his project Simply Cyber.

In this video, I interview Jorge Orchilles on a variety of cybersecurity topics rooted in his experience. Grab a cup a coffee and settle in, as Jorge takes us through the challenges and benefits of working in the financial services sector, how to get started in cybersecurity how cloud computing has evolved, and the developing state of red, blue, and purple teams.
Hope you enjoy!

14May, 2020

Cyber Security Interviews

Had a great time chatting up with Douglas A. Brush from Cyber Security Interviews.  We covered hiring in information security, what I look for as a hiring manager (passion), and how to retain top talent. Hope you enjoy!