28Jul, 2009

Some Windows 7 RTM Observations Part I

Here are a few of my finding on Windows 7 RTM as I have installed and/or upgraded on some of my test systems: Dell Latitude E6400 with Windows RC1 64bit formatted for a clean install of Windows 7 RTM 64bit. You can upgrade from Windows 7 beta or RC1 to RTM by doing the following, […]

28Jul, 2009

Installing VMWare ESXi 4

Continuing the idea of building your own home lab I have recently installed VMWare ESXi on a dedicated workstation to serve as another lab machine so I decided to document the process and share. It is pretty straight forward with very little custom configuration needed. Before you begin make sure you have everything backed up […]

27Jul, 2009

Windows 7 RTM Services you can disable

My last post provides a list of ALL Windows 7 services for Windows 7 RTM Ultimate 64 bit. This post is shorter and lists the services you can disable without crashing the system. Please read all my warning from the last post before doing this! Here is what I have disabled and have a pretty […]