30Mar, 2010

Windows 7 is safer as a standard user

This should be common sense and not require a whole research paper but Beyond Trust released a study stating that Windows 7 is safer when using it as a standard user. I highlighted this fact in my book but would like to share the results of the study as well: Microsoft and their partners regularly […]

20Mar, 2010


Jorge Orchilles is now podcasting! I am co-hosting the SMB Minute podcast with Tim Krabec and Aaron. The SMB Minute podcast is aimed at the Small and Medium Business market. Whether you are the designated IT guy/gal or own your own business, this podcast will give you an insight of what is going on in […]

18Mar, 2010

Emerging Threats to Infrastructure

I recently presented my talk on Emerging Threats to Infrastructure to the Jacksonville ISACA chapter and targeted it for auditors. Thanks to all that made that possible and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida for hosting the event (loved the campus). It is the first time I present this topic and will be modifying it […]

04Jan, 2010

Windows 7 Book Announcement and “God Mode”

I have been slacking on the blog posts recently due to a few projects I am/was working on. First I would like to announce that I am finishing a Windows 7 book titled: Microsoft Windows 7 Administrator’s Reference. My publisher is Syngress and the book is expected to be available March 2010. Second, I have […]

06Oct, 2009

Time to change your password

The BBC has released these three articles in the last two days suggesting that over 20,000 Microsoft web-based email accounts have been hacked. This includes Hotmail and Live email accounts. The third article suggests that GMail is being targeted as well: Phishing attacks target Hotmail users Google targeted in e-mail scam Scam hits more email […]

30Jul, 2009

Update on Google Voice Hacking

Following up with my original post on hacking Google Voice, it was brought to my attention that Apple has blocked the Google Voice App from the App Store, meaning iPhone users will not be getting the Google Voice app like the fortunate BlackBerry and Android users. Google has confirmed that the rejection was because of […]

30Jul, 2009

Windows 7 and VMWare vSphere Client 4

In my last Windows 7 blog post I wrote about an issue I was having running VMWare vSphere Client 4.0 on Windows 7 RTM 64 bit. Further research shows that this issue occurs in all versions of Windows 7. VMWare will most likely have to release a patch for their software as Windows 7 is […]