28Aug, 2009

2010 US Census Information and Awareness

I work in security so am allowed to be ultra paranoid. However I think everyone should be a little aware of the 2010 US Census to not be victims of fraud or Identity theft. Additionally one should spread the awareness in good faith to avoid friends, family, or loved ones to be victimized. Malicious Viewpoint […]

31Jul, 2009

iPhone and SMS hack – what does it mean?

Countless news articles are floating around about the iPhone and SMS hack. I will explain it here in “normal” terms and explain what all this means to you. IntroductionYesterday, Thursday 7/30/09, two security expert (also known as hackers), presented a way to hack an iPhone by sending it a specially made SMS (text) messages. This […]

31Jul, 2009

Following BlackHat from home – Day 2

As Black Hat comes to an end we will begin to see all of it’s content posted on the internet and have more than enough to read for the coming weeks. Today a lot has been released and I have filtered through most of the talks and presentations and would like to provide you with […]

30Jul, 2009

Update on Google Voice Hacking

Following up with my original post on hacking Google Voice, it was brought to my attention that Apple has blocked the Google Voice App from the App Store, meaning iPhone users will not be getting the Google Voice app like the fortunate BlackBerry and Android users. Google has confirmed that the rejection was because of […]

30Jul, 2009

Windows 7 and VMWare vSphere Client 4

In my last Windows 7 blog post I wrote about an issue I was having running VMWare vSphere Client 4.0 on Windows 7 RTM 64 bit. Further research shows that this issue occurs in all versions of Windows 7. VMWare will most likely have to release a patch for their software as Windows 7 is […]

30Jul, 2009

Following BlackHat from home – Day 1

If you did not know the biggest “hacker” conference is underway right now, BlackHat. Talks started today and end tomorrow followed by Defcon. Here is how I have been following along the action: Twitter search for #blackhat: Follow the #blackhat tag on Twitter for live tweeting and news on what is going on in BlackHat. […]

28Jul, 2009

Some Windows 7 RTM Observations Part I

Here are a few of my finding on Windows 7 RTM as I have installed and/or upgraded on some of my test systems: Dell Latitude E6400 with Windows RC1 64bit formatted for a clean install of Windows 7 RTM 64bit. You can upgrade from Windows 7 beta or RC1 to RTM by doing the following, […]

28Jul, 2009

Installing VMWare ESXi 4

Continuing the idea of building your own home lab I have recently installed VMWare ESXi on a dedicated workstation to serve as another lab machine so I decided to document the process and share. It is pretty straight forward with very little custom configuration needed. Before you begin make sure you have everything backed up […]